Visit by Azmar Aviation Team to AGRiQUiP Simulation Centre

AGRiQUiP’s airside driving simulator system received attention from our international partner based in the Middle East, Iraq.

The representatives from Azmar Aviation Training Center, Mr. Bakr and Mr Faris commended the advanced technology utilized in the development of our simulator system. The negotiation process was already at the last phase of finalizing the agreement, and we will be working on delivering the simulator system to our client.

Ground Support Equipment are rapidly evolving, becoming very technical which require well-trained drivers to operate them safely and efficiently. To meet this demand, the GSE airside simulator is ideal in training more skilled equipment operators with a realistic motion base experience.

It is a great accomplishment for AGRiQUiP’s reputation to be known internationally, a testament that we are indeed a team of capable experts when it comes to providing outstanding quality of GSE-based services.

This is AGRiQUiP. We are not only delivering equipment, we deliver quality.