The Official Launches of Ground Support Equipment Training Simulator

AGRiQUiP is now welcoming driving trainees from ground handling industries to experience the realistic motion technology with our GSE training simulator.

The launching event was a collaboration with Pos Aviation Sdn Bhd, our long-standing partner who will be utilizing this GSE training simulator to improve the productivity and service quality of their equipment drivers.

We believe that every client is unique and so is their needs. It is our pride to meet those individual client’s training requirement through a customized simulator system. Operational training, defensive driving, free driving, assessment driving, you name it all! The driving tools option are yours and we are prepared to deliver the best service any given time.

Have we also mentioned that our cost effective GSE Airside Driving Simulator is equipped with a 360- degree graphic display and motion realism technology? And weatherproof at that. You can train on the actual airport driving conditions with the effect and sensations that would be experienced on the ramp itself, but without the risk of actual accidents, which is not possible to do in real life.

Time waits for no man. Be our partner and experience the uniqueness yourself.