Pos Aviation entrusts fleet management contract to AGRiQUiP

We are here to serve as a one stop solution to tackle the complex and demanding workload of your GSE fleet management.

AGRiQUiP is proud to announce our newest collaboration with Pos Aviation in response to their outsourcing initiative for fleet management services towards increasing equipment serviceability and reducing operating costs at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

In this long-term partnership agreement, our team will be entrusted with a diverse array of GSE inventory, encompassing a total of 109 pieces of equipment to be maintained and properly serviced including Main Deck Loader, Catering Hi-lift, Pallet Transporter, Ambulift, Ground Power Unit and Pushback Tractor among others.

AGRiQUiP is the best option to ensure that your airside operations can be conducted efficiently and in a safe way, offering an optimized management of various types of GSE through a practical and cost-saving solution. After all, a well-maintained equipment is the safest and most reliable. It’s our mission to deliver the best service for your business.