Fulfilling the GSE needs for NPCO Saudi Arabia

Wherever you are, even on the other side of the globe, fret not. AGRiQUiP will always be ready to provide your needed GSE solutions.

In April 2021, National Pledges Company (NPCO) in Saudi Arabia has reached out to AGRiQUiP in the process of procuring two wide body passenger steps. We are proud to gain the attention of our distinguished international client, widely known as the leading multinational corporation specializing in Aviation and Aerospace supply chain throughout the Middle East.

Our dedicated team has completed the assembling process of the equipment and is set to be shipped soon with the expected delivery to Riyadh around July 2021. With a complete assembly and manufacturing facility along with a team of specialized engineers who have accumulated knowledge, skill and experience over the years, we are confidence in our capability to supply innovative GSE equipment to various clients throughout Malaysia and overseas. Thank you for your business with us.