APAS Australia acquires AGRiQUiP’s GSE equipment

AGRiQUiP is increasingly getting attention from clients worldwide due to its credibility in manufacturing international standard GSE equipment.

In February 2021, Asia Pacific Airport Storage (APAS) in Australia has engaged with AGRiQUiP in the process of purchasing two Ground Power Unit (GPU) of 90 KVA and 180 KVA. The first batch of GPU 90 KVA has been successfully delivered to Alice Spring Airport in April, and we are set to deliver the complete production of the remaining GPU 180 KVA in the upcoming August.

APAS is the leading aircraft storage facility in Asia Pacific that offers a local alternative to airlines instead of a significant expense to ferry their aircraft to the other side of the globe. We are pleased to meet the growing need of our clients from diverse core businesses, aligning our expertise to your operational requirements for improved efficiency and productivity.

With technology advancement, the world is getting smaller and AGRiQUiP is closer than ever to meet your GSE needs.