AGRiQUiP’s future direction – What’s the road ahead?

An interview with AGRiQUiP’s Managing Director and General Manager on the direction of future goals that the company will be steering towards.

The airport Ground Support Equipment industry is complex and ever-changing in nature. It revolves around constant race in technology development and the implementation of innovative services to meet the diverse clients’ expectations and needs.

In other words, it is never too early or too late to have one or two tricks up our own sleeves. AGRiQUiP will always stay vigilant and well-prepared with clever initiatives to stand tall with other GSE-based corporations in Malaysia and worldwide. So what are the future targets in our list?

One Stop. One Mechanisation.

AGRiQUiP is progressing towards becoming a ‘one stop for all’ when it comes to fulfilling the client’s GSE requirements. We want to be able to manufacture various types of GSE equipment more than what we have now, and diversify the nature of our services to reach the maximum potential of what we can offer to our clients.

“When clients need certain equipment or require a particular service in a hurry, the first place that popped into their mind would be AGRiQUiP. Because they know what we are capable of. That is exactly the kind of GSE company we aspire to be.”

Abdul Majed Kadir, Managing Director

The good news is that we got what it takes to achieve that goal! First of all, we have the technologies and skills to materialize the vision. Secondly, we also have a team of dedicated experts who are relentlessly coming up with new innovations, researching the various possibilities to upgrade and keeping our catalogue of products and services ahead in the industry.

So who knows maybe in the future our airside simulator system will have a shipping and truck version as well? Or all our manufactured equipment will be using electric power sources rather than diesel motor? Well that’s a good place to start.

A sustainable approach to the future

Another direction we are working towards is the implementation of green technology in reducing carbon footprint. Our team is working hard to develop the technology that can allow us to manufacture cleaner aviation transportation through the electrification of ground support vehicles and equipment.

We are well-aware that despite the huge benefit of cost-saving in the long run, electric-powered equipment can be quite a far-fetched option for your business budget. With that said, it’s our goal to increase the availability of green technology equipment and vehicles to ground handlers, with lower cost of ownership compared to the current market price.

Not only that, the LED lamp at the stair and platform of our towable pax step is also powered using solar energy, making it a more environmental-minded option for your airside operation.

“We are moving slowly but surely towards a sustainable future. The goals are vivid, and we are making our way achieving them one by one through continuous efforts and innovations”

Ryeme Ibrahim, Chief Operating Officer

AGRiQUiP scrutinises every single change or evolution in the aviation world which can turn into an opportunity for new innovations to be introduced.

It is our perpetual mission to develop and integrate reliable, efficient GSE solutions to support future growth that can be adapted across any airport environment.