From a service provider in agriculture sector, to taking up the biggest risk of stepping into the aviation industry, AGRiQUiP today has forged a solid reputation in the Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) business. We are set on providing reliable and efficient services with a team of dedicated, accomplished professionals, committed to meet and exceed client’s expectation.


Delivering reliable, exceptional quality services

AGRiQUiP has a long history of leadership in the aviation support sector, and we are proud to pioneer the refurbishment of GSE services in Malaysia’s aviation industry.

Our core business encompasses the management, manufacturing, distribution and providing in-service supports to some of the biggest aviation players in Malaysia and internationally. To us, it is vital that we consistently provide reliable and efficient operational services through a complete range of GSE, anchoring our business on meeting the clients’ needs.

This mentality has built strong relationships with our clients, many utilizing our services over the years. It is a double win business. We are not only providing GSE services, we are also delivering invisible contribution to our customers’ effort in globalizing their legacy.

Abdul Majed Kadir
Managing Director